Making Better Decisions…..It’s in the Value

Worth Protecting

Have you ever been in a parking lot and found yourself irritated at the fancy luxury car that has taken the liberty to park across two parking spots?  It can be especially irritating when you’ve been struggling to find a parking space of your own.  I must admit, I’ve been tempted to leave a note or wait for the owner to return to their car so that I could flash my look of displeasure at them.

However, I can, in some respects, appreciate where he/she may be coming from: they value their car and don’t want to take chances with it, so they go that extra mile to protect it, even while knowing these actions may be met with disapproval from others.  Now, I’m not saying that I agree with this methodology as it relates to cars, but I think, as human beings, we could take a lesson from this.  Unfortunately, some of us show more effort in protecting our possessions than we do in protecting our own selves.  Think about it — it all comes down to value.  Why are so many people struggling to break free from destructive behavioral patterns?  It’s in the value.  See, when you value something, you’ll go out-of-the-way to protect it, even at the risk of someone else thinking, “it just doesn’t take all that.”

Worth ProtectingOne of the most important things that has ever happened to mankind is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Jesus did all of this for us so that we could be restored back to right standing with God.   He gave us back our VALUE.  You are God’s masterpiece and God calls you worthy and He calls you His child.  You are no ordinary person, or else, why would Jesus go thru all that He did if you didn’t matter.  Surely, you can appreciate the pain and suffering He endured to restore us back to what God intended for us to be.  The bottom line is:  You are worth protecting.  

When you truly see yourself as valuable, when you recognize your worth, when you reflect on how God, in all of His infinite wisdom and power, saw fit to have you here for a purpose —- you will make better decisions with your life.  I know in my own life, managing my weight has been one of my biggest challenges.  I must admit, motivation plays a major role in my success or failure in this area.  When I attempt to ‘eat right’ simply because I’m disgusted with the way I look and I want to be more accepted, etc — I find myself eating all the foods I intended to stay away from.  I found that there’s no power in me trying to change based on negative feelings that I have about myself.  However, I find more success when I take this approach:

There is a purpose for my life and God has placed me here strategically, at this moment in time, because He values me and this world needs me.  I’m no ordinary person and what I have to give is unique to me and I’m the only one that can execute it.  Therefore,  I need to protect my body, because without it, I can’t fulfill anything on this earth.  So, let me make food choices that will help me be sharper, healthier and more effective.  I’m ok the way that I am, but I can certainly be better.

It’s in the Value!  When I think like this, pushing away that sugary, preservative loaded dessert gets a little easier.  Next time you find yourself struggling to lay down a bad habit, instead of beating yourself up, try speaking out your value as God sees you — you’ll find yourself on the right path to becoming the TRUE YOU — that’s you free from bondage, addiction and destruction.  Be Blessed.