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05 Nov
When You Need a Change

Have you ever been in a situation or situations when you just need things to change?  I myself have woken up many times and thought, "Ok Lord, I'm not going to give up, BUT something's got to give…..when are things going to change!?"  Sometimes it's...

09 Aug
Why It Can Be So Hard to Love Other People

Have you ever noticed that there are few things in this life that don't involve other people.  Sometimes I ask myself, "Why did God even bother to make man in the first place?"  Let's face it, human beings are complicated and frustrating at times.  However, God...

05 Aug
You Might Just Need a Little Bit of Courage

Have you ever had that thought, "There's just got to me more to life than what I'm experiencing?" or have you ever been so frustrated with your reality that you find yourself waiting for something to CHANGE?  If so, then this particular post is for...