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Wife. Mommy. Preacher. Musician.


MiChelle Ferguson had to constantly rise above criticism, being misunderstood, unrealistic and unfair expectations. Through it all, she decided to be a part of a generation that, rather than resent God for the mishaps of her life, she would be a catalyst to spur people on to success no matter how impossible their circumstances may seem.

MiChelle realized before she was ever born, God had a purpose for her life. Knowing and developing her own relationship with Him is what sustains her day-by-day. She has made it her goal to instill a high self-esteem in people by revealing their priceless value in Christ Jesus.

Today, MiChelle is the CEO of an International Ministry and an award winning flautist. A graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, she is an author, a conference speaker, and an inspiration to thousands of people all over the world. Her passionate ministry has helped people discover that their godly nature is to be as strong and solid as bullet-proof glass, a strength which is drawn from the unconditional love of God.

MiChelle Ferguson is a coach at heart. The biblical life principles she uses evoke a winning spirit in all who experience her ministry. Whether you’re the number one draft choice or the underdog, MiChelle’s ministry is sure to help you succeed. Armed with an in-depth knowledge of Scriptures, and a delivery filled with humor, honesty, and practical wisdom, her creative style reaches people of all backgrounds and ages.

In this world of adversity, MiChelle realizes the importance of offering a fresh perspective as she shares from personal experience what it means to have confidence, backbone and fortitude. Her life is a living example that a deliberate application of biblical concepts makes all good things possible!

MiChelle and her husband, Lee Ferguson, enjoy life together with their son, Lucas, in Metropolitan Detroit.



MiChelle Ferguson

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